moving culture…

Walking Canvas is the first of its kind, 

an art brand exhibiting ideas as curated clothing

We are not a lifestyle brand better more a lifestyle. A social experiment and social experience allowing you the user to be the work(s) of art.


Formed in 2003 as response to brands like remix-da-kicks and an ever growing interest in skate culture, black business, art and rare finds. three Southside kids, Ayo Merch, Big Marcus and JP. decided to create a shoe and clothing customization concept Walking Canva

As this idea gained popularity in each of their respective Middle and Highschools, Co-founder, creator of the namesake and youngest of the group "Ayo Merch"  urged his partners that they should get serious about the idea and start a legitimate business!  The pack incorporated and produced their first pieces in 2006.

Off to the races, so to speak the team sold their fisrt few boxes of tees hand-to-hand, to their friends and family. trapping t-shirts before it was "a thing", in a game with all of their peers roughly a decade their senior. 

with all the buzz they had managed to generate as the youngest contenders in this growing space the crew leveraged the respect  they'd earned  to land an account with the premier streetwear store Leaders 1354 in July of 2013 which sold out in two and a half weeks.

The brand has since worked with and styled names such as Reggie Know, Big Krit, Raekwon, ASAP Mob, Tia London, and Traxster among others... After gaining international attention through their travels to Canada, England and Africa.

The team split in 2009 due to personal differences,

though remained the purpose to bring streetwear to high fashion and high fashion to the streets.

In 2015 Ayo updated the original concept and decided to continue curating content under the brand name.